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Re: [pysolar-discuss] What is horizon in simulate_span func (simulate.py) ?

Hi Ryan,

I suspect that horizon is supposed to be a list with 360 entries, each
being a value in degrees that represents the angle to the horizon. In the
middle of an open field, this would be a list of 360 zeroes. If you were
surrounded by buildings, it might be a range numbers between, say 20.0 and
70.0, depending on the exact location of the buildings. If you were in the
bottom a well, it would be a list of 89's.

I would recommend making your own copy of simulate_span() and rip out the
horizon part. Then, if you need to account for a varying horizon, add it
back in. (Then, send a patch with your improved code!)


On Wed, Jul 1, 2015 at 2:59 PM, Ryan Kapur <ryankapur@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> What is would be an example value of horizon?  How would I know based upon
> my location (Portland, OR). Does it represent degrees; if so, then how does
> it? I cannot seem to figure this out.
> simulate_span(latitude_deg, longitude_deg, horizon, start_datetime,
> end_datetime, step_minutes, elevation = 0, temperature =
> constants.standard_temperature, pressure = constants.standard_pressure)
> Regards,
> Ryan

Brandon Stafford
Rascal Micro: small computers for art and science
Somerville, MA, USA

[pysolar-discuss] What is horizon in simulate_span func (simulate.py) ?Ryan Kapur <ryankapur@xxxxxxxxxxxx>