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[pysolar-discuss] Definition of horizon


Is it right that pysolar uses the astronomical horizon definition (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horizon#/media/File:Horizons.svg)? I got confused, because the documentation states "The altitude is positive when the sun is above the horizon." and I immediately associated this with sunrise.


(I am using the master branch version.)

I am trying to get sunrise and sunset times in high elevations (up to 100 km above sea level). As the |get_{altitude|position}()| functions take an elevation argument, I would expect them to return a different value for sun altitude, based on the given elevation.

>  import  datetime
>  from  pysolarimport  solar
>  sunrise_time=  datetime.datetime(2018,3,12,6,55,0)
>  solar.get_position(46.95,7.47, sunrise_time,elevation=100000)
>  solar.get_position(46.95,7.47, sunrise_time,elevation=0)

The difference between the two altitudes is in the order of 3e-5 and thus much less than expected. What is the elevation parameter and how could I get the sun altitude in arbitrary elevations?

If the astronomical horizon is used

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