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Re: [pysolar-discuss] Leap seconds

Hi Naz,

This sounds like a great idea. I would suggest a CSV format like:

    2015, 1, 0

with one line for each year. A couple of other suggestions:

1. It would be good if Pysolar could read in all the leap-second data when
it is imported, rather than re-opening, parsing, and closing the CSV file
for every calculation.

2. Rather than updating the CSV file with a script, I would prefer to add
to the user warning something like "You can get an updated version of the
leap-second adjustments at
The old file that needs updating is at <path-to-current-csv-file> on the
computer running Pysolar. If that seems complicated, you could also try
update to the newest version of Pysolar."

But these are just suggestions-- I'll most likely go along with whatever
code you're willing to write, provided it produces accurate results.

Commentary from other Pysolar users definitely welcome.


On Sat, Aug 1, 2015 at 10:15 PM, Naz Gassiep <naz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all,
> When calculating for dates beyond 2015, the user warning "I don't know
> about leap seconds after 2015" is emitted.
> The leap second list is embedded in time.py . Surely a better architecture
> would be to have this list split out into an external file, something
> simple and human readable like csv or even just space delimited. That way
> updates could easily be published on the pysolar web site as a simple file
> to download and put into your pysolar directory. We could even have a
> pysolar script that you run which fetches this file from the web site.
> If this suggestion is workable, I'm ok doing the work to make it happen
> (refactoring the code to split out the list, selecting an appropriate
> format, writing a script to fetch leap second data, etc).
> Thoughts?
> - Naz.
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